backstage at Claes Iversen S/S 2014

backstage at Claes Iversen S/S 2014

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A master of recreating textures with her set of color pencils, Julia Randall uses photorealistic drawing techniques to create surreal works that use subtle suggestions to cultivate a sensual mood. Particularly interested in the mouth, Randall draws lips, tongues and teeth against plain backgrounds, sometimes affixing them to other objects equally delicate and perplexing in nature. For her latest series, “Blown,” Randall has taken to rendering used chewing gum. The gum’s viscous texture has the same strange sex appeal as the saliva and moist lips in her other work. We find ourselves simultaneously attracted and repulsed to the sinewy-looking wads and deflating bubbles. Take a look at some images courtesy of the artist. 

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Sporty Colours editorial from The Vision China (June 2012)


Maison Martin Margiela resort 2013

Maison Martin Margiela resort 2013


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